Many Foods

Many Foods

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Banana Bread

Last night, Allie and I were invited to a nice a shindig at a friend's house.  We were requested to bring a dessert, as well as make more of the cider from the Halloween party we had a week or so ago.  Of course the cider was a hit, just as it was last time, but the new winning recipe was the dessert we brought, some good ole' home made banana bread.

Everyone really enjoyed the banana bread, it was moist, fresh, and had really good flavor.  I started with a fairly standard banana bread recipe, and then added some of my own modifications.  I threw in aome cinnamon, a little nutmeg, and little allspice.  The thing is, I couldn't taste any of those spices in it.  The question I now I have is this: Were the spices even necessary or were they adding to the overall flavor just subtly.  Should I take the spices out, leave them in, or add even more?  Clearly some experimenting needs to be done.  The best part of the night however was when Lisa asked me what was in the banana bread:

Lisa: "So what's in the banana bread?"
Me: "cinnamon, nutmeg, and all spice"
Lisa: "There's deodorant?"
Me: "No, that's Old Spice, not all spice."
And then we all laughed for a while.  It was a fun time, and I can't wait to tinker with this recipe some more.

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